When you are buying a musical instrument it's really important to make the right choice. So, we are here to help find the way out!

Today on the market possibilities for buying a steel tongue drum is endless. And like always there is a good and a bad side. On the good side, a number of drum type is incredible! You can have almost everything: a pink drum with a kitty cat, a gigantic round drum or a normal drum. But on a bad side, if you are new here, you may don't understand any difference between them.
Relay on us! We want to help you find your own steel tongue drum.

Steel Drum Comparison
In the tablet above we combine most search questions for you. But if you, not a musician you may have difficulties with it. No worry! Remember that we here to help you find the perfect steel tongue drum.
How thickness of drum affects on sound?
Thicker steel gives more unbalanced overtones. Alternatively, the thinner steel, the less resonance, and you get a more fundamental tone. Furthermore, you clearly can see that the weight of all steel tongue drums approximately the same. So with RAV Vast, you will have more space for sound, it has volumetric sound.

Playing on RAV will bring you enormous satisfaction. Art is in every sound of RAV Vast Drum.
What is sustain?
Sustain is a period of time during which remains of the sound before it becomes inaudible or silent. Long sustain gives you more possibilities for improvisation and meditation sessions. If you a beginner it is perfect for you because it gives a little bit more time to get in the process of playing.

However, RAV doesn't have the limits. The instrument will help you to reach the great results because gives you a possibility of growth and improvements your skills and it doesn't depend on what level you are.
What gives you the number of notes on one tongue?
Improvisation is an important part of a union with your musical instrument. With RAV you may do it easy. The tongue of the RAV Vast drum is unique. It has 3 or 7 notes on it instead of 3 or 4 in other drums. Perfectly cut steel tongues in RAV vibrate to create an unearthly sound. Balance in vast scale doesn't allow the harmony of sound to be broken.

Playing on RAV will give you a possibility for personal fulfillment because every time you can create a new melody because of a large number of notes.
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