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And just like we use exercise equipment for our muscles, we can use special gadgets to bleed our energy flow and the RAV Vast drum is just a perfect energy booster. Here’s how to activate and stimulate chakras with the RAV Vast.

How should we treat chakras?

If you are following the holistic life principles, you’d more likely practice energy-awareness which implies to stay aware of your chakras and energy flow balance. In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “wheel”. Chakras are described by subtle energy practitioners as spinning wheels of light and energy inside our bodies. The energy of chakras from the lower one to the higher one is associated with survival (Root chakra), creativity (Sacral chakra), power (Solar Plexus chakra), love (Heart chakra), expression (Throat chakra), intuition (3rd Eye chakra) and spiritual connection (Crown chakra).

Being energy structures, each chakra has its own resonating frequency. This frequency corresponds to the certain chords starting from the root chakra and the lowest sound in an octave – C, and to the highest pitch that corresponds to the crown chakra.

Pythagoras said, “Each celestial body, in fact, each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration.” Some of your chakras may be unbalanced or closed off, that means their original frequency can change or even decay. The imbalances in a subtle body can manifest in your physical body with tension and pains. An effective way to restore vibrations and activate the chakra’s energy is to synchronize it with a tuner. Some certain deep vibrating sounds have the power to retune chakras to their optimal frequencies. Just like a musical instrument can go out of tune with use, our bodies need some retune too to bring them back harmony and balance.


Instruments for chakras healing

What musical instruments usually pop up in your mind when thinking about chakra healing? Those usually include various percussions like singing bowls, handpans, steel tongue drums, tuning forks, etc. And what about the RAV drums? Do the RAV Vast tongue drums and the RAV Pans work for chakra healing? The sound of the instrument used for chakra healing should be strong enough to provide the essential vibrations and yet be soft and smooth enough to bring in relaxation and don’t bother after an hour of playing. The RAV Vast with its perfectly tuned, soothing and harmonious sound and deep vibrations works apparently well for chakras tuning.

The downside of the singing bowls is that a single bowl is tuned in a single note. So you would need at least 7 of them to tune up all your chakras. You might have seen a bunch of pics with a whole bunch of Tibetan bowls placed in a circle. It looks really appealing, but the good bowls cost a lot and require a place to store them all. The greatest perk about the RAV Vast is that you can tune up several chakras (up to six) at a time. Or you can work with some certain energy centres separately. Thus, to tune up all the chakras you’ll need only two RAV drums or you can take one to work with a number of energy centers and tune up the rest with a couple of singing bowls, or by meditating with the RAV chakra podcast or by using the RAV Virtual Player.

“You’re connected with the instrument. You feel the resonance of the drum when you are playing it!”

Playing the RAV Vast regularly is a powerful and yet a gentle way to balance both subtle and physical bodies. How does it work? While playing the RAV Vast tongue drum, the potent vibrations get through your body and harmonize its molecular structure, tuning the hemispheres of the brain and induce deep relaxation state where the natural defence systems get activated. Just imagine, all the disturbing thoughts and anxiety is vanishing away while you are completely immersed within the silver-bells-alike healing sound of the RAV Vast drum.

Best RAV Vast scales for tuning chakras

If following the postulates connection between chakras and note connection, it will be quite easy to choose a proper scale for energy healing. The scales with the fewest number of halftones will work better for chakra tuning as chakras correspond to white notes. Thus, we don’t recommend the scales with many halftones (like the B Celtic Double Ding, B Golden Arcadia or B Kurd).

A good tip is to opt for the scales with a neutral timbre so that you won’t get overwhelmed with the sound after 30 minutes of practising (of course, the better adviser is your inner feeling of connection with the scale). Here are the scales that we recommend to choose for tuning chakras are the D Celtic Minor, E Low Pygmy and the A Integral RAV Vast. These scales have only white notes and have a very meditative sound. The A Integral has a more mystical timbre and will work for experienced practitioners as it can provide a very fine adjustment for each chakra. The E Low Pygmy has a very low bassy voice and the greatest vibrational power. It will be especially great if you’d like to work with lower chakras. While the D Celtic Minor is the golden mean and will be a great choice if you are not pretty sure what scale to take.

Chakras, hold on! We are coming to heal you!

How to use RAV Vast for your energy flow practices?  These “chakRAVcises” were designed to take you into deep relaxation and navigate your chakras toward wellness.

Choose the time when no one can disturb you. A quiet atmosphere will help you to focus on the healing power of the RAV’s sound. Turn off the phone and place yourself comfortably. It’s better to sit on the floor on a pillow or matt so that you feel the connection with earth with your root chakra.

You can smudge the space with sage wand or lighting aroma lamp. Actually, creating a special place for your meditation and energy practices will be the best. Drop some pillows, place crystals that will accumulate energy around, take a bowl with water and light some candles. Now you can start your practice.

The first step is to get aware, what chakras require tuning – it’s a chakra awareness meditation. Keep your spinal column aligned, close your eyes and scan your whole body. Keep your attention on your energy centres, try to feel and visualize them. How are they looking? How are you feeling the energy circulating inside them? If you never worked with energies before, it can seem to be a little confusing for the first time. Don’t panic, just keep going and once you’ll be able to feel your subtle body better. You can either play random notes on the RAV steel tongue drum or stay in silence – this is all up to you. We recommend you to out down the notes of your chakra reviews to monitor the progress.

Once you’ve located the blockages of energy, take the RAV drum. Start from tapping the lowest note as many times as you need it. Visualize the sound vibes floating directly through the corresponding chakra. Repeat this step for every chakra in your body from root to crown. Once you’re done with it, get back to chakras that occurred to have blockages. Work with them a little longer. Visualize the sound waves created by each steel tongue as cleansing waves of pure refreshing energy that nourish your chakras with their resonating power. Feel all your anger, inner chaos and dissonance dissolving and transforming to harmony and balance.

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