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RAV Drums, Handpans and

Steel Tongue Drums for Sale

We began with an idea of making a tongue drum that would have a unique set of sound characteristics. We took the best of handpan crafting experience and developed the new patented technology of making the tongue drums. We created a tongue drum made of special steel with an incredible sound and ultra-long sustain that is still accessible to everyone and called it RAV Vast.
Starting from 2018, we also make RAV Pans – our own version of the world-known musical instrument – the handpan.
Today we keep on working hard to provide a better sound and a greater variety of scales. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for so long.

At RAV we create drums of two types: steel tongue drums called RAV Vast and handpans named RAV Pans.
In the Drum section of our Catalog you can find all our musical instruments and the available scales.
By tapping the drum’s card you’ll see all the technical parameters, including note layout, music culture, the mood the drum creates, the proficiency level this drum is the most suitable for. You can also find out the information about the instrument weight, size and shell thickness. Some RAV’s are made of 2 mm steel and some of 1.5 mm depending on the sound requirements. Each drum is provided with detailed description and the video presentation of the sound and the sample of melody that can be created with this particular scale. We also provide some recommendations on which scale to take depending on your aims (e.g. some scales work better for meditation and some for busking). You can also find the information about how the scale can be paired with other RAV drums and other instruments as well.
Do you want to know about the real customer experience? You can find the reviews with the people sharing their thoughts and impressions of each scale along with some personal stories. It will make the process of buying the drum online much easier.
If you’ve been looking online for an affordable handpan instrument for sale, you can choose one of our RAV Pans. Our handpans are made according to all the sound standards of this kind of drums.