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What is the RAV PAN?
RAV Pan is a superb handcrafted handpan drum made of nitrided steel with a perfect shape, a rich warm sound, and an engineer idea behind this splendid beauty. Each RAV Pan is manually shaped and tuned with hundreds of hammer blows to provide you a perfect woody and mellow voice with no metallic twang to it.
Are you a professional musician who’d like to buy a high-quality handpan with a pure crystal sound? Or someone who has an eye for beauty? Maybe you are looking for a perfect instrument for meditation, self-development or you are just an enthusiast captivated by the sound of a handpan? Do you have a preference for high-quality, luxurious, and ritzy items? Then the RAV Pan will be a perfect instrument for you.
It’s a great instrument not only for professionals but for enthusiasts as well. Have you been dreaming to play the handpan but each time you give it up because it seems too complicated? “Only professional musicians can play it, but I can’t spend years of my life to become one”! Now we say, the RAV Pan is a total game-changer. Learn to play your beloved handpan easily with the splendid RAV Pan drum!

What is the difference between the various RAV Pans?
There are five RAV Pan scales available for sale in the RAV online store. Unlike chromatic musical instruments (piano or harp for ex.), the handpan instrument has a limited range of notes. The note layout is different throughout all the RAV Pans and it determines the scale. The RAV Pans are tuned in 5 different scales picked up from classic music and ethnic music. The note range provides the RAV Pan its unique voice and mood. It also determines the complexity of scale. Check out the required mastery level in detailed description under each RAV Pan.
Follow your inner feel of harmony and rely on the emotions you get when listening to the scale. This is the best recommendation for choosing the RAV Pan. Some people like cappuccino and some – espresso, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Choose the scale the sound of which refreshes you like a morning cup of coffee. You can check out the sound samples presented on the RAV Pan page or go straight to the RAV Virtual Player and try to play them yourself.

I’ve bought my RAV PAN. What should I do next?
You can already learn a lot while your RAV Pan is on your way to you. Check out your personal RAV profile for a set of lessons and tutorials we’ve collected for you.
You can also use the RAV Virtual Player as your beginner learning platform to get to know the instrument better.
Read all the most essential info about your RAV Pan in our Blog. For more detailed tutorials check out our YouTube podcast.
If you still have some confusion about learning to play the RAV Pan, pick up the RAV Vast first. The RAV vast and the RAV Pan are relative instruments that have different voices but involve the same idea and techniques and the RAV Vast is even more easy to acquire. Then move to play the handpan instrument as a next step. We created the twin scales like the D Celtic Minor and the B Celtic Minor RAV Pan and RAV Vast so that you could have your favorite scales available within the sound of 2 different instruments. It will make the transit as easy as a pie.
Do you still have doubts or questions? We will be happy to support you and provide all the needed additional info.