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RAV Pan D Kurd

D3 A3 A#3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5

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Proficiency Level: Medium
Height: 11 inches (28 cm)
Size: 22.83 inches (55 cm)
Mood: cheerful
Culture: Arabian

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The creation of RAV Pan D Kurd was inspired by Kurdish music culture which explains its melancholic and romantic sound. Kurds music tradition implies poetic sadness and light nostalgia. With these songs the Kurds used to tell elegiac stories of their life, but later started to use more joyous tones. That is why D Kurd, though being a minor scale, can create a balanced mood evolving around melancholy and appeasement.
RAV D Kurd has ten notes with the lowest note (D3) as the ding in the centre. Further to the outside are nine other tongues arranged in a circle (A3 A#3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 and the ‘extra’ C5). The scale offers optimum resonance vibration for good sustain. Musicians can coax fascinating soundscapes from this instrument thanks to its good note combination. It also allows complex rhythms, two-part melodies, and unusual chords, for example, Dm, Bb, Am, and C. So the scale can be played both slowly and fast providing a vast spectrum for melody development.
For whom this scale will work
The D Kurd handpan is designed for players with an advanced level of skills. As mentioned at the beginning, the additional note provides a bigger room for improvisation and composing. Suppose you feel that you have enough experience and are ready to move to another mastery level of playing a hand drum with a broader range of notes. In that case, the D Kurd should be your choice!

However, if you have no prior musical knowledge but are attracted to the mesmerizing sound of this particular drum and are ready to spend some time practising before playing in full, then it is suitable for you as well. Because apart from your own hands, only a little gut feeling is needed here to completely master the instrument and enchant the listener.
Besides, there is something meditative and spiritual about playing this handpan. The sound it creates is soothing, mysterious, and absolutely captivating. That is why RAV D Kurd will be good for accompanying spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation or music therapy. It can help balance thoughts, reduce anxiety and decrease stress levels. Make playing the pan your everyday routine and your overall feeling will turn for the better.
What is more, the pan is covered with protective paint that makes it resistant from any kind of aggressive agents, including moisture and chemicals. So you can take it with you to the forest or mountains or even riverside or waterfalls – no need to fear weather conditions or accidental dirt. Your instrument will live through it all, making your trip more exciting!
D Kurd drum sounds very good on its own and is guaranteed to take both musicians and their audiences on a spiritual journey. However, impressive sounds can also be created in combination with other percussion instruments or guitars. Among the collection of RAV drums, D Kurd handpan creates beautiful duets with the middle-eastern scales: RAV Pan D Hijaz and RAV Vast D Celtic minor.