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RAV Pan E La Sirena

E3 G3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 G4 B4 C#5 D5 E5

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Proficiency Level: Advanced
Height: 11 inches (28 cm)
Size: 22.83 inches (55 cm)
Mood: Mysterious
Culture: Western

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Reviews and examples
E La Sirena was inspired by the changing nature of the ocean and the aquatic creatures that are believed to inhabit it. The notes make up the dreamy and romantic mood of a fairy-tale. They tell a fantastic story that sounds true to life. The low pitch side of the pan creates an atmosphere of tranquillity, profound composure and pacification. The high one reminds you of a rippling stream that is energetic, agile and joyous.
Sirenas, or mermaids in Spanish, are also believed to have two sides. These water spirits that look half-bird and half-woman (in some mythologies half-fish) are benevolent and peaceful when not bothered by the sailors. But when they notice one, they lure him with their enchanting music, charm with their ringing voice that streams right into the sailor's mind and heart. Unable to resist, he surrenders the sirenas and goes under the water, deeper and deeper. Playing the pan E La Sirena, you will be able to paint such bright and lively pictures.
The RAV Pan E La Sirena is a hexatonic version of a Dorian scale. This minor rather than major scale is built around the central Ding in E3. The tongues are tuned in 3rd, 4th and 5th octaves. For a handpan, 12 notes is unusual. But a larger number provides more opportunities for musical experiments.
The drum's scale is similar to the Celtic Minor, which makes them a perfect match. Together they create a very harmonious sound – a blend of the deep ocean and a sonorous druid forest.
There are other scales that match E La Sirena. For example, RAV Vast B Golden Arcadia will add a feeling of sweet melancholy and romantic beauty. RAV Vast A Marmara was also inspired by sea waves, so its melodies can be decomposed into two voices with the same mood. RAV Vast C Golden Gate pairs well with La Sirena because together, they will produce a light nostalgic mood.

For whom this drum will work
Musicians familiar with steel pans and have tried them will find E La Sirena easy to play. Due to the felicitous positioning of the notes, the scale gives a variety of bright and deep sound fusions. The steel drum pretends to have two types of tuning. If you turn it to yourself with high pitch notes, it's one kind, if with low pitch – another one. It is versatile and convenient – like two instruments in one! The compositions are numerous, which makes the pan a good instrument for songwriting. The fact that it goes well with our other steel drums and pans makes it an excellent choice for duets and bands.
Suppose you are a fan of the never-ending cerulean ocean that carries ancient secrets like serenas and mermaids. In that case, if you identify yourself with the vibrant and vigorous nature of water – E La Sirena will be your perfect spiritual companion.
This scale will also be a great tool for sound therapy. It will facilitate relaxation – soothe the nerves, release the muscle tension and set the mind free. Lowering anxiety and decreasing frustration, RAV Vast E La Sirena will promote positive thinking and enhance the overall quality of life.