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RAV Pan F Pygmy

F3 G3 G#3 C4 D#4 F4 G4 G#4 C5 C#3 D#3

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Proficiency Level: Advanced
Height: 11 inches (28 cm)
Size: 22.83 inches (55 cm)
Mood: mysterious
Culture: African

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Reviews and examples
RAV Pan F Pygmy is a magical instrument. We can describe the sound of the drum as rich, woody and dense. Pygmy scale is sometimes called "The Life Tree". Remember the first scene from the famous cartoon The Lion King – the savannah's plains, burning Sun, rear greenery and powerful beasts of prey. That is the picture our imagination paints when we hear or play F Pygmy RAV Pan.
Pygmy tribes, which are the inspiration for this scale, live in the basin of Congo and are one of the oldest African populations. For them, music is an essential part of their daily routine, as people use songs to communicate with the parental spirit of the forest. In particular, they use a few different drums and string musical instruments like bow, harp and zither along with polyphonic singing. Many contemporary musicians and performers borrowed these musical traditions. Thus, we were inspired by the Pygmy traditional music note sequence to design RAV Pan F Pygmy.
The Ding is tuned in F3, and the upper note is tuned in C5. There are also two additional notes on the bottom tuned in C#3 and D#3. More notes provide multiple options for chord changes. There is a great variety in triads you can play with the F Pygmy. The choice of the Ding and the resting notes guarantees the absolute harmony of all possible melodies and note combinations.
You can switch easily between the key (and the mood), changing the root note and thus changing from major to minor. If you start halfway up, you can get the Celtic Minor pentatonic scale. Respectively, if you start at the bottom, you will get the G Pygmy scale. Remember that this is not the same sound that the G Pygmy RAV Vast will provide to you. It's a different iteration of that same scale as note position is different.
F Pygmy handpan is also unique due to the Helmholtz resonance effect it provides. It's a sound phenomenon that you can observe when blowing into an empty bottle (you can easily try it at home). You will reach the most massive effect with the F Pygmy scale when you tap the Ding with your flat palm. You get an intense, rich sound that compliments whatever you are playing.
For whom this scale will work
It is definitely a pro-level scale. It will work great for solo playing, composing and jamming with other musicians. The professional handpan drum players will be impressed by the amount of sympathetic resonance that they will get with a single note of the F Pygmy. If other RAV Pans need a heavy hand to produce a strong sound, gentle touch will be enough for this one. So if you love to busk in crowded places, you will have zero problems with F Pygmy. It has enough power to fill up any space with its majestic sound.
Made of special nitrated steel, the F Pygmy has a good sustain, yet it's suitable for the percussive style. The pan shoulders are very rigid and provide an excellent rebound, and you can get good taps on the edges too. However, the bottom notes have a shorter sustain, so keep in mind if you want to add more percussive elements into your playing.
As we have mentioned before, F Pygmy is the continuation of the Pygmy tribes' musical tradition. It is a transmitter between the real world and the spirits. This handpan's music seems to open a portal into a different world. In its melodies you can hear nature breathing. That is why RAV Pan F Pygmy may become a wonderful companion for meditation sessions and other spiritual practices.
To ease the RAV Pan F Pygmy delivery, we are providing you with a hard case. So after receiving your desired instrument, you can play both at home and outside, in the park or forest, not being afraid of the possible damage. So order F Pygmy handpan and get ready to unite with nature!