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RAV Vast B Arabian Night

B2 F#3 G3 A#3 B3 C#4 D4 F4 F#4
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After some experiments, we're glad to present the best Middle Eastern RAV that stands somewhere between Hijaz and Onoleo scales.

Material: 0.07'' (2 mm) steel
Coating: thin hydrophobic coating
Weight: 11 lb (5.9 kg)
Size: 20'' (51 cm), height : 7'' (17 cm)
Colour: blue-green
Mood: mystical
Culture: Middle Eastern
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Reviews and examples
The name of this RAV Vast stands for the famous Arabian scale or the Double harmonic B minor (the name you are more likely to meet in western tradition) is very typical for Middle Eastern music but can sound unusual if you are not familiar with it. You can also find this scale called the Gypsy Major due to the increased gaps between the notes of the 2nd and 3rd octave.
The B Arabian Night RAV Vast has a very mysterious voice and is close to jazz-sounding scales. What makes this scale differ from other Middle-Eastern scales? The rav Arabian Night can seem to have some similarities with another RAV Vast scale - the B Onoleo. But the B Onoleo has a lot of resolution to it and allows you to close up easily the melody. With the Arabian Night you’ll have to know the tips to tie the phrases that you are playing together.
There’s a good tip for playing the B Arabian Night. The highest 3 notes bring into the unique mood of this scale. However, if you skip playing the note F4, you’ll have a little more resolution to it. You can start adding F4 into your play when you feel yourself a little bit more confident and get the sound which is quite similar to traditional Arabic maqam.

For whom this scale will work
If you are looking for a harmonic minor scale among steel tongue drums then there’s no doubt that it will be B Arabian Night that will steal your heart. However, keep in mind that the B Arabian Nights is a challenging scale as it has a lot of half-tones. Avoiding dissonance while playing half-tones is a big headache for any musician. But the Arabian Night makes real magic as the half-tones don’t cause negative crosstalk on this scale.

Playing it requires skills, so this scale will appeal to intermediate or advanced players when choosing a RAV Vast scale.
Due to its calming minor sound RAV Vast Arabian Night is the perfect scale for meditation and sound healing practices. Take your seat, start playing and let the scale hypnotize you. Allow the drum to take your mind to a more relaxed and peaceful state.

Arabian scale
What makes Middle Eastern music so recognizable? It’s all thanks to the Arabian scale. Although it’s a traditional scale that came to us from ancient times, it is widely used in rock, hip-hop, pop and electronic music by oriental artists today.
Still, the Arabian scale is not only used in the Middle East. There are multiple classic western music compositions that you’d never thought to use this scale. The relative Hungarian gipsy scale was commonly used by Franz Liszt in its Hungarian rhapsody and Battle of the Huns and the Bizet’s Carmen.