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RAV Vast B Major

B2 E3 F#3 G#3 A#3 B3 C#4 D#4 F#4
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This more advanced major is warm and joyful.

Material: 2 mm steel
Coating: thin hydrophobic coating.
Weight: 5.9 kg
Size: 20'' (51 cm), height : 7'' (17 cm).
Colour: blue-green.
Mood: dreamy
Culture: Western
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Reviews and examples
The B Major has a dreamlike voice. It takes you away to a fantasy world and provides the feeling of confidence that everything is gonna be alright. The main peculiarity of this scale is a bright uplifting aspect which is more temperate than the one that the D Major provides but still sounds in a way that makes us smile and stay positive. The B Major has a deep resonating sound that is fully encapsulated inside all the RAV steel drums because of the nature of the sound and the long sustain behind it.
The B Major brings in a desire to create. You get inspired when listening to the sound of the instrument. It makes you find the strength to do something you’ve been thinking about for a long time but didn’t have enough motivation to do. The B Major is one of a few instruments among the RAV Vast steel tongue drums for sale that is tuned in the major scale. The most handpans and tongue drums tend to be tuned in minor scale that correlates with unique soft and the soothing sound of the instruments. However, if melancholy is not the feeling you want to get from your music, the B Major is a perfect choice as it alternatively provides a positive mood with its soft heartwarming sound.
The B Major is the RAV Vast’s interpretation of the classical B Major scale. The Ding is tuned in B2 and the resting steel tongues are tuned in 3rd and 4th octave. If you look at the note progression of the B Major, you’ll see a lot of accidentals. Still, it’s a very harmonious scale as it only has one halftone (A#3-B3).
The B Major RAV Vast scale belongs to western music culture. So if you are not a fan of ethnic melodies, or just want some versatile scale to perform the songs that would sound common for a European ear, you’ve found the right scale.

The B major scale was used in Igor Stravinsky’s opera - The Firebird, and Verdi’s Rigoletto. The B Major is quite commonly used in pop music as well. Check out some songs of the Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga and you’ll find a bunch of the B major tuned compositions.

For whom this scale will work
Experienced players and seasoned musicians, rejoice! This is the scale for you. If you have already learned all the basics and want to amaze the audience (and yourself), the B Major is exactly what you need. It’s great for fast playing style, so if you’d like to acquire this technique, the B Major is a perfect tool for that.
Due to the uplifting effect it provides, the B Major can be used in sound therapies when you need to gently wake up the audience or switch the mood from gloomy to joyful. It’s also great for fast playing style so if you’d like to improve this skill, the B Major is a good tool for that purpose.
To understand whether you want to go with this particular scale, check out the online audio sample to check if the sound resonates sonically with you.