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RAV Vast D Celtic Minor

D3 A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5
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Proficiency Level: Medium
Mood: Peaceful and calming
Culture: Celtic
Key: D
Size: 20'' (51 cm)
Height: 7'' (17 cm)
Coating: Painted
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Listening to the sound of D Celtic Minor makes you feel enlightened and relaxed. Unlike many minor scales, this one brings tranquillity without the feeling of melancholy. Thus, it’s a Rav that creates a positive atmosphere. D minor is a widely popular scale among hand drums and steel pans, so the D Celtic Minor RAV Vast is no exception. It is more likely that the first handpan or tongue drum you have ever heard was tuned in D minor. Now you’ve got the chance to own an instrument with the sound that once captivated you.
The vibrations of the D Celtic scale can remind you of the wind chimes or singing bowls sound. These bowls are usual accompaniments for meditation and sound-healing, so D Celtic is perfect for this purpose. It’s a chakra-tuned drum which means that each drum note harmonizes with the inner vibrations of the chakras in your body. That’s what makes it a perfect instrument for energy balancing.
The Ding is tuned in D3 while the rest steel tongues are tuned in the 3rd, 4th and 5th octaves. The D Celtic is based on the D minor scale with the omitted 6th note. In addition, multiple classic chords can be played with the D Celtic Minor: F major, С major, A minor, D Dorian, F Lydian.
The D Celtic Minor has various relative scales in the RAV Vast drum collection. First, it’s, of course, the B Celtic Minor. At first glance, these two drums can seem to be twins. However, each scale has its individuality. The D Celtic has a higher and more sonorous voice than the relative B Celtic scale. It creates a light, airy atmosphere.
The D Celtic has its twin in the RAV Pan collection – D Celtic RAV Pan. Just like its brother, the handpan D Minor is melodic, bright and provides a sense of hope. It is also one of the easiest pan scales to handle. So if you have a plan to acquire a handpan, you can first practice with the D Celtic RAV Vast and then switch to a more tricky musical instrument that is tuned up in the familiar scale. Moreover, these two drums create a fantastic duet so that you can experiment with simultaneous playing.

For whom this scale will work
The D Celtic Minor is an excellent choice for an inexperienced RAV Vast player or a person just beginning his musical path. Besides, it is a wonderful instrument to practice meditation and improvisation while delving into the relaxing sound of the tongue drum.
In other words, are you a newbie without any accurate music theory understanding? Do you like soft and relaxing melodies that are not too moody? Do you desire to get a versatile scale that you will have many songs to come up with? If you tend to answer “Yes” to these questions, then the D Celtic scale is your perfect choice. It is a versatile drum that is easy to acquire playing and does not need any specific tuning or maintenance.
While learning, we recommend playing solo to understand all the possibilities of the drum and realize your abilities. But as soon as you feel your skill is strong and you are ready to go further – you can start joining other musicians. The RAV Vast D Celtic Minor sounds excellent with several other tongue drums – D Celtic Minor, E Low Pygmy, A Integral; and a handpan, Celtic D Minor. It will also make a pleasant match with flutes.
Just like other Celtic scales, this one is pretty easy to get used to. However, it has its unique voice that provides this ethereal sound. So order RAV Vast D Celtic Minor and get to know the secrets of druid forests!