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RAV Vast D Major

D3 G3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4
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Proficiency Level: Easy
Mood: Cheerful
Culture: Western
Key: D
Size: 20'' (51 cm)
Height: 7'' (17 cm)
Coating: Painted
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If you have been searching for a “happy-sounding” tongue drum – then you’ve found the right one! The D Major is a very positive scale that sounds just like your most favourite a pop-song. The D Major looks similar to the B Celtic with the different middle and first note. Still, the D major has its own unique and more lively and joyful voice. This scale is perfect for creating fast melodies and composing quick-timbre songs.
Another great thing about the D Major is that you can choose between two different moods. On the one hand, you can create a more melancholic, soothing and nostalgic feel using the bottom note as a root chord. But, on the other – genuinely grand, uplifting melodies using the Ding as the key note. So, do not be shy and play this tune loudly, to feel the world with happiness!
Due to the special steel that we use for drum manufacturing, the sound turns out to be loud with an extremely long sustain. In addition, all the notes match each other harmonically when played together. Hence, any melody will be music to one’s ears. Literally!
There is a great and simple way to vary your technique. You can play using combinations of two notes (dyads), including the Ding and side or bottom notes. Or try playing by triads (3 notes) using the adjacent steel tongues.
For whom this scale will work
The D Major is one of the most popular scales for beginners looking forward to learning to play steel tongue drums. Buy D Major RAV Vast, and you will invest in your growth and good mood. This scale is easy and fast to learn, is suitable for intuitive playing, and provides many options for improvisation. Moreover, as the voice of the drum is not too gloomy or ethnic, you can play melodies of different genres and moods. And you, as a beginner, do not need to choose: with this scale, you can express the whole spectrum of emotions!

D Major is also a good option for a professional musician who is searching for a full-sound instrument. This scale is quite versatile and, as such, leaves room for your music experiments and compositions, especially if you do a lot of collaboration with other musicians. As the D Major is a popular scale used in many music compositions, you’ll quickly jump into any music band and be able to uphold the repertoire. It works perfectly with many musical instruments but makes the most incredible duet with guitars.

Interesting facts about D Major music
What if we say that you’ve already heard a lot of music compositions composed in D Major? The D Major is thought to be a “pop” tonality. Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, The Eagles’ “Hotel California”, and U2’s “With or Without You” were all created using the D Major. But not only pop composers use this tonality when creating songs. The D Major is famous for being a monopolist tonality for violins as its D string produces a brilliant sound while resonating with its open strings. So there’s no wonder why great composers like Mozart, Paganini, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven created D Major violin concerts.
The D Major is also known as “the key of glory”, as composers chose it in the Baroque period as a key for trumpet concertos. And after, in the Romantic period, it was used as the final credits of many symphonies by Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Franck and others.