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RAV Vast E Low Pygmy

E2 A2 B2 C3 E3 G3 A3 B3 D4
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This is a beast with very deep mystical sound and great sustain. The lowest tuning in our range.

Material: 0.04'' (1.5 mm) steel
Coating: thin hydrophobic coating
Weight: 10.8 lb (4.9 kg)
Size: 20'' (51 cm), height : 7'' (17 cm)
Colour: blue-green
Mood: mysterious
Culture: African
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Reviews and examples
The E Low Pygmy RAV Vast is a perfect scale for those who are looking for an ultimate inimitable sound. The instrument has resonant vibrations that you feel with your whole body while playing. The character of E Low Pygmy can be compared to a bass guitar.
Being inspired by African music tradition, we tried to recreate the feeling of mysterious melodies played by a tribe's shaman. Listening to the E Low Pygmy drum, you imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a savannah, looking up to the starry sky and hearing the whisper of the nature gods. These melodies vibrate with your soul and give you shivers.
The E Low Pygmy scale is the only scale tuned in E in the RAV Vast collection, so it possesses a unique selection of notes from E2 to D4. Like all the other RAV Vasts, the notes have sympathetic resonance.
What scales go together with the E Low Pygmy? In RAV's family, the E Low Pygmy is a bigger brother of the G Pygmy with a higher tone. Thus, if you order the E Low Pygmy drum, we recommend accompanying it with the G Pygmy or the C Golden Gate scales.
What kind of music can be performed with the E Low Pygmy? It suits perfectly for the melodies that need a lot of volume and resonance. The scale produces a vast and deep mystical sound that overwhelms both the player and the listeners.
The special steel, its thoroughly measured width, and its unique shape make the E Low Pygmy drum sound powerful and resonating. That is why solo performances will be striking and unforgettable.

For whom this scale will work
The E Low Pygmy can be a good choice for inexperienced enthusiasts who enjoy the particular effect that the E Low Pygmy provides. It is an excellent drum for meditative, spiritual and mental practices. This scale will become a fantastic helper in therapies that require total immersion into the sound.
Thanks to its super durable sustain, the E Low Pygmy creates a lot of space for you to fill it with sound. So you do not even need to plan a solid composition and note combination – just let the drum create the melody. Thus, simply repeat 2 or 3 notes allowing them to open up. Suchlike musical accompaniment will be a perfect background for your yoga session.
At the same time, the RAV Vast E Low Pygmy drum will be interesting for the pro-level players who have a musical background and are ready to experiment with a new sound. An experienced musician can try using different techniques with the drum. However, it will work better with a meditative playing style. If you want to record a meditation album, E Low Pygmy will be a perfect choice.
If you prefer a faster playing style, G Pygmy will be a better instrument in this case.
The advanced musicians will love using the E Low Pygmy for creating musical compositions. It works as a perfect background for high-tuned instruments like a violin as it will create a crazy contrast and fill in the cracks of whatever melody you are playing.
If you want to use the bass sound of the scale, but for some reason, you want to reduce the resonance longevity, buy an E Low Pygmy drum with a fabric case. That will reduce the sustain a little and give you a chance to play in a busking style.