If you just discovered the wonderful world of RAV Drums, you might have some questions. Here we've answered the most common ones.

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How to choose the best RAV Drum for me?
There's no "best" RAV Drum, and it all comes down to which sound you like the most. Firstly we suggest watching this video, and if you're still having a hard time deciding, just contact us. We'll gladly help you.
Which RAV Drum scale is better for a beginner?
We suggest B Celtic Minor or D Major. Those are the most beginner-friendly scales.
How can I pay for my RAV?
We accept credit/debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard or Maestro) and PayPal.
Is it possible to pay in instalments?
Yes, you can divide the payment into several parts. The first payment should be $100 or more. To use this option, please contact us via livechat or email hi@ravvast.com.
What's the difference between RAV Vast and RAV Vast2?
The difference is in the thickness of the steel they're made of. Vast is made using 1.5 mm steel, and Vast2 is made using a thicker 2mm steel.
I placed the order and paid for it, how can I check delivery status?
After despatching your order we send you the tracking number which you can use here to check the delivery status. If you haven't gotten your number, please contact us.
Is it possible to customise my RAV? (Different colour, custom scale etc.)
Custom options are not available at the moment as we don't want to take risks and conduct unpredictable experiments. Every scale we offer is carefully selected and tuned in the way to make it sound as good as possible on a RAV.
How do I take care of my RAV?
We suggest two caring products: Phoenix Handpan Oil, which was designed specifically for taking care of handpans and RAV drums, or Frog Lube CLP. If you don't have those available in your place, try using coconut oil.
Depending on humidity in your place, you should figure out how many times a month should you apply the product. If you live in a humid place, we suggest applying it once or twice a week. For the places with normal/low humidity it's okay to use it once or twice a month.
I want to be a RAV representative/reseller. Is it possible?
Yes! Please contact us via e-mail hi@ravvast.com and we'll discuss the conditions.
I recorded a video and want you to place it on your social media! How can I do it?
Great! We'll be glad to share it with our community. Send us an email with your video and subject "Video for social media" on hi@ravvast.com.