Meet B Kurd
The most versatile RAV Vast scale

Meet B Kurd, a truly unique RAV Vast scale.

The magic of B Kurd is how it fits any playing style. You may be a dedicated songwriter and look to build a certain structure in your song. Or you could also play in a free-form manner and enjoy improvising and experimenting. In all cases, B Kurd would be an amazing discovery for you.

It fits any skill level, too! The B Kurd's note layout is perfect both for beginners and experienced handpan and RAV players. As you grow as a musician, this scale will be growing with you.
Played by Ricky Hillson known as Rewildyoursoul
Check out this mesmerising composition made entirely on B Kurd.

As you can see, this tuning offers a wide variety of sounds to express different mood depending on how you feel: you can play melancholic and nostalgic, or you can create something cheerful and uplifting. Or combine those into something more complex - it's all up to you!
Lots of scales to fit
Not only B Kurd is an amazing scale itself, it's the most universal one.
See it yourself - you can combine it with following tunings:

RAV Vast2 B Celtic Minor
RAV Vast 2 B Celtic Double Ding
RAV Vast 2 D Major
RAV Vast E Low Pygmy
RAV Vast2 B Arabian Night
RAV Vast 2 B Onoleo
And it works for other instruments, too.
You can play your B Kurd with guitarists, pianists, bass players - you name it!
Watch the example below to really see what we're talking about.
So there you have it!
An abundance of notes and chords, ease of use and remarkable versatility makes B Kurd a great choice for anyone interested in tongue drums.

Would you like to learn anything else about this or other RAV Drum scale? Just message us in the live chat below. We'll gladly help :)