The most friendly RAV Vast scale
D major. The Stars' Choice
A lot of RAV-appreciators can call D Major their favorite tuning and there are many people of renown among them.
Dylan Werner.
International yoga teacher, mediation master, fitness trainer, traveller.

Dylan loves D Major and the biggest proof of it is his Sound into Silence meditation course based on RAV Vast D Major sound. He also uses D Major during his practices while travelling and many of his disciples fall in love with this tuning and acquire it for home use.
House Djs and electro/pop duo, artists producers/songwriters, founders and owners of their own label, featured in most important Spotify Playlists.

Gioli and Assia revolved the potential of D Major in the modern music. They were first to feature RAV Vast D Major in their electronic music which gained them hundreds thousand views. They showed the world that D Major is perfect for covering and songwriting due to its distinct pop-sound.
Multi-instrumentalist, virtuoso, ethnic music innovator, composer, professional percussionist.

Nadishana, a famous demiurge of drums, a sophisticated percussionist reveals the solo-capacity of RAV Vast D Major. He composes fully-fledged pieces of music with the only D Major. The tuning is appreciated by professionals for its wide range of chords that make a unique universal harmony.
Why is D Major so popular?
The most elated tuning in the RAV Vast range
D Major's bright sound and positive vibe make it an all-purpose tuning. It is equally at home in yoga as well as in pop-music. It can light up your mood during home relaxation or help you catch the positive energy vibration during meditation.
Successfully fits in any musical concept
RAV Vast D Major is compatible with a vide range of other RAV Vast tunings. Besides, it is the best choice for songwriting and combinating with other instruments, be it guitar or electronic music devices.
Equally good for both, beginners and advanced players
D Major is a known beginner-friendly scale, its soft sound and perfect combination of notes will make you feel a true master from the first touch. And when you master, D Major will remain your true friend growing together with your skills.
Learn more in this short video-review
It can be easily combined with the following tunings:
RAV Vast2 B Celtic Minor
RAV Vast2 B Celtic Double Ding
RAV Vast2 B Kurd
RAV Vast E Low Pygmy
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