When composing with my RAV I usually start from a melodic pattern and subsequently I add up percussive elements in order to achieve a playing style that is a mix between groove and melody.

A percussionist based in Italy, living between Turin and Milan. Edoardo started playing the percussions (cajon and djembe) in 2010, Handpan in 2012, and the RAV in 2017. 


He teaches a lot, and sees teaching as a mission: he just loves seeing people discovering this instrument, unfold their talents, and realize how much beauty they can create, even as beginners.

He also has a second mission: to talk about astrophysics and show the beauty of our universe through his event called "Music from the stars", where he talks about astrophysics while playing RAV and handpan. The RAV drum is perfect to create an atmosphere of awe and wonder while looking at the stars.

Playing style:

Playing style:He aims for a mix between melody and groove, adding percussive elements to a melodic pattern. He often loves to play very minimally, with a few sounds, a few notes. 

“I think the RAV is unique for this purpose, as it naturally allows to create deep, touching atmospheres thanks to its sustain”.

Additional activity:

Edoardo has a PhD in astrophysics. He worked as astrophysicist and organizes events of science communication where he talks about the universe while playing RAV and handpan.