A percussionist & Sound Healer based in Los Angeles, California, USA

Explore the “Meditative Approach” to playing RAV Vast. This comprehensive, holistic style of play has been developed in hundreds of meditation & sound healing sessions with over 1200 people from over 30 countries. Perfect for pleasure players & wellness/yoga practitioners alike! Learn my signature method as a self-paced course, group experience or 1:1 mentorship. Handpan lessons also available upon request.


His mission is to share tools that help people navigate the chaos & often crippling stress of modern life. With playing and teaching, Justin aims to spread the healing and calming music of RAV Vast to every person on earth. Whether people play it themselves or have the pleasure to pause and listen, he knows he’s done his small part to guide humanity back to itself. That’s what the music of the RAV Vast does, it allows people to find a home inside, a safe place where they can rest in and put down their load. That’s the kind of music and experience Justin is here to share.

Justin created a special RAV Meditation course. What he brings with this Course is an easy to follow system comprised of the best exercises and ideas he’s gained/developed over the last 15 years for proper striking, hand speed/coordination, and the music making process (with the Meditative Approach in mind). On top of that, he offers personal mentorship & support as the students embark on this journey and develop their signature sound.

Playing style:

Meditative, relaxing and yet very energizing. Justin combines meditation techniques and the basics of music theory and composing. 

“What I like the most about the RAV Vast:

- It’s incredible harmonic quality and precision tuning/engineering. 

- It’s long note sustain and magical, spacious sound (making it perfect for meditative playing / sound healing sessions)

- It’s ability (because of the above) to induce a deeply relaxed, meditative state in both myself & virtually any listener from any country/culture in the world, especially when played with skill and intention - my mastery of the RAV for Meditation & sound healing has been one of my key differentiators as a practitioner (something few out there can offer). This has resulted in numerous partnerships & hundreds of private sessions booked (a short RAV sample being a powerful part of the sales/new client booking process)

- It’s easy to maintain, durable/travels well in overhead bins (even with the soft case!) & never has to be re-tuned (unlike traditional style / pantam handpans)

- It’s highly affordable, especially for the quality you’re getting (which is unmatched on the market)

- There’s so many tunings available that anyone can find a scale which expresses their soul’s essence (or several! Humans are multidimensional, complex beings)

- There’s such a strong and growing community of players and teachers out there that it’s easy to learn and make friends over (I have numerous international friends purely through the RAV community - this has lead to not only feel good friendships & good jams, but even business opportunities and referrals. This instrument has opened so many doors for me and I couldn’t be more grateful I chose it (or it chose me!). If you like my playing/approach & what I’m saying here, perhaps I’ll even be fortunate enough to gain a new protégée / friend - either way I’d love to connect and nerd out about RAV’s / be of support however I can (or refer you in the right direction)

Additional activity

Justin is sound & energy healer, meditation teacher, transformational life coach, 4x founder, online course creator, skateboarder, husband & Cat dad to 3 new rescue kittens.