My objective in working with the Rav, is to use it much like a guitar. I write/ compose songs with it and hope to elevate it beyond simply improvisation. The Rav has so much potential for songwriters.” 

Multi instrumentalist and handpan player based in Massachusetts, United States (but grew up in Antigua!)


Ricky’s musical journey spans across 60 different instruments from all over the world. His goal is to bring people closer to nature, through music, foraging and education. 

“We live in a world rich with endless aspects to explore and by investigating them through creation, we can bring ourselves closer to understanding. I wish for everyone to begin to Rewild their souls!”

Playing style:

When I began working with the Rav, the portability, emotion is evokes and powerful tonal experience, drew me in right away. The reactions of audiences busking and performing on stage, confirms it is a powerful experience for most!

Additional activity

Aside from being a multi instrumentalist, Ricky is:

- an instrument maker (flute, Ngoni Harps, ukulele, etc)

- middle School educator

- Avid hiker 

- Certified Master Herbalist 

- Foraging/ wild food teacher

He lives on a farm and advocates for nature-friendly lifestyle and herbalism.