I love the distinct sound of the RAV and I love people's faces when they get to play it for the first time. A truly beautiful instrument!

A percussionist based in London, UK


She wants more people to know about these instruments. She does a lot of outreach work, taking her pan drums into environments where they may never have heard them. Rosie wants those that own them to feel confident and comfortable to play them to their limits! 

Playing style

Rosie currently works as a percussionist. She went to conservatoire to study orchestral percussion but decided to specialise in hand percussion. She now works in pop, classical and non-western traditions.

Her teaching system ensures the basics are clear. Rosie teaches in a friendly engaging manor. She bring her rhythmic background to play with harmony and melody. She loves exploring collaborations with unusual instruments and singers.

“My playing style is simply the sound. I love getting lost in a pool of sound. It so satisfying to improvise on this instrument!”

Additional activity

Outside of Rosie’s work as a musician, she holds a karate blackbelt and is learning French.