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We've carefully selected the best videos with RAV Drum: tutorials, reviews and different compositions, so you can learn everything about the instrument.
RAV Vast videos
Tutorials, playing tips and different compositions.
Playing RAV
tips & info
Beginner level
Kay Rauber is really good in explaining basic techniques and different ways to play the instrument. Simple, easy to follow and really useful - especially for those who just started learning☺
Pasha Aeon recorded a training video at RAV Vast D celtic minor scale! Make your first steps in playing RAV with the video!
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This video will help you to learn how to hit RAV in a correct way to achieve the best sound.
Bertini Guido teaches a rudiment that is easy to play yet has a very wide range of use. Happy learning!
Medium level
Learn new rhythms, don't get stuck with the same patterns and progress with Pasha Aeon!
Edoardo Striani teaches step-by-step how to play groove on a RAV Vast.
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This tutorial from Tjeerd will teach you how to shift accents in your playing. The technique will help you to diversify your music and make it more interesting.
Ricky Hillson is going to break the habit and find out how to overcome the block and progress in playing.
Advanced level
This is an advanced tutorial by Kay Rauber, explaining finger triplet technique, used in different ways for RAV Vast.

Polyrhythm - it's when you use two hands playing in two different time signatures. Tjeerd Van der Hulst is gonna break down every step in learning how to play polyrhythms.
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Here we learn Tjeerd van der Hulst's signature groove. A good examination of your playing skills
Ricky is going to show you a technique that David Swarup uses on the Hang. It's a basic playing move which you can apply to build up a foundation for your composition.
Here's a great example of electonic music made almost entirely with RAV Drum. Gioli & Assia is an Italian duo well known around the world.

The girls are popular for making contemporary pumping electronic pop using world music instruments – in particular, handpan and RAV Vast.
Gioli & Assia putting a fresh spin on a very popular song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons using RAV Vast2 D Major.
The video gives a grasp of RAV Vast as a musical instrument.
Important tips on how to keep your RAV clean, shiny and rust-free.