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RAV Moon

RAV Moon D Integral

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Deep, mystical, mellow – we use these exact epithets when describing Integral RAV Moon. Playing it is like opening the door to a whimsical secret world, and the key is the D Integral. It’s an excellent scale for professional musicians. It offers you a choice between a major and minor key, thus can create two different moods.

With its European flair this scale is perfect for soundtrack-style music impromptu. The key of D Minor is widely used among similar instruments, making it easier to find a suitable tuning for jam sessions.

While it may be a bit more challenging to master, this chord progression offers a wide range of possibilities and is comprised of four commonly used chords. It can be employed as a backing track for many popular tunes.

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Notes: D3 F3 A3 A#3 C4 D4 E4 F4 A4
Proficiency Level: Medium; 
Mood: Esoteric; 
Culture: American; 
Key: D; 
Weight: 8 lb / 3,6kg; 
Size: 15.3'' / 39cm; 
Height: 7''; 
Coating: Hydrophobic; 

New protection technology - hydrophobic coating!

Unlike paint, color is achieved by firing and can vary within acceptable limits, on one side there will be a slightly purple gradient and a gradient to blue, chameleon.

Each drum is unique, no two are alike!

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