The RAV Vast
The RAV Vast Drum takes everybody by surprise. It is a discovery to everyone who finds it.
The RAV Drum has a meditative, hypnotic and tranquil sound. Among all drums and handpans, it is the only drum that has a complete harmony of 4-7 tones on each tongue.
Thanks to our secret patents, its sound is as rich as some of the most popular and in-demand instruments, such as PANart Hang.
Nine magical tunes of RAV Vast
  • The RAV Vast has a large Ding as well as 8 tongues in a circle.
  • The Ding has up to 7 tuned tones.
  • Each tongue in the circle has 4-5 tones tuned to it. That is why the RAV Vast has the greatest range and most harmonious sound among all similar drums in the world.
  • We have 9 different tunings available for order. Every tuning is built in the manner that you can’t play a false note. RAV Vast tongues are extremely sensitive and getting started takes minutes.
  • The loudness of a RAV Vast is the same as any handpan and is easily loud enough to play in the open air.
Musicians who own and play the RAV Drum
More than 2,500 people in 45 countries have RAV Drums, some of them are famous musicians
Vladisvar Nadishana
RAV Vast Pygmy, Germany
David Kuckhermann
RAV Vast Pygmy, Germany
RAV Vast Minor Pentatonic, Portugal