You can hardly fall asleep or, on the contrary, feeling sleepy all the time? Is your mind constantly full of concerns? Are you dissatisfied with yourself and your life? More likely, your soul is exhausted. You may have 10 reasons why it is happening. We will try to help you realize the cause and offer some solutions.
A common story.
Last year our co-worker K. started feeling constant exhaustion and unhappiness. Everything seemed to be okay – she had a job, her friends were always around, she went out to dance. Still, day by day, she was running out of energy. Even after an 10-12 hour sleep, she couldn't wake up, was too lazy to make or even order herself a meal, and had a growing feeling of apathy. Plus, her skin condition became worse, so K. stopped liking herself. All this resulted in deep fatigue. K. was on the edge of a depression.
Possible symptoms.
Constant work, emotional and mental stress, tension, lack of sleep and proper exercise can lead you to exhaustion. It is vital to trace the root of your tiredness. Here are some other reasons why you feel drained:
  • You can't say "No"
  • Toxic people in your circle
  • Can't get rid of negative thoughts
  • You are stuck in the past
  • Escapism
  • What you do doesn't help to reach your aims
  • You're not the person you wish to be
  • Lack of vitamin D
  • Too much food/alcohol/drugs
  • You don't take care of yourself – you don't love yourself
Nothing brings you joy anymore. Everything irritates you – food, weather, people. All these drowning thoughts circulate in your head with no wish to leave. You can't cope with them, though you are very tired of processing what's inside your head. Such a present is a burden for you, so you keep distracting yourself from it by all possible means. You catch yourself daydreaming, lost in the realm of imagination. Or you lose yourself in the past – you were young, energetic, had no worries and responsibilities. Life was all about cheer and fun. Those delightful 'dreams-come-true' pictures that your brain paints can't be compared to your reality. The worst is if a person finds escape with alcohol or drugs. And what's going to be next?
At one point, it starts feeling evident that all the efforts are in vain and nothing is working out.
Then you struggle to motivate yourself to carry out even essential functions. You start feeling jaded about life. It seems pointless. Simultaneously you shatter from the outer world and have a profound sense of loneliness. You think that nobody can understand or accept you, meaning you can't be helped.
A Way out.
It is crucial not to let yourself into such a condition. Relatives' or friends' support is essential at this stage of your life. Try to confront the problem and undertake urgent action. Some of the solutions that can help deal with the rapidly depleting energy are:
  • Meditation
  • Books on the spiritual life
  • Music therapy
  • Grounding, or earthing
  • Set a positive and inspiring goal and work towards it
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Do exercises and outdoor sports – try to connect with nature
  • Take a trip
  • Work on self-improvement
  • Love yourself

Start healing your soul by taking small steps that will mean much to you. For example, our co-worker’s first thing was to talk to her mom and confess she struggled. Then she visited a therapist, and it turned out her blood count was out of the norm, and she lacked vitamin D. All these resulted in a weak flow of energy that was followed by psychological and mental problems.
Along with medical treatment, she started doing light exercises and running outdoors. K. believes that running in the morning in the park is the best part of her day. When the Sun starts rising and nature wakes up – it all reminds you of a new start, a new beginning, a new day to make your life better.
She also wrote down a year-long career plan – set the main goal and smaller each-month aims to reach it. As far as I know, it really works! K. never stops self-education. Even the quarantine didn't deprive her of it. Webinars, online lectures and telegram channels – she tries to acquire everything!

RAV solution.

Music was also one of the principal treatments she had. And there is nothing better than a RAV session to ease the tension and let the anxiety go away. Our employee played two RAV Vast drums – G Pygmy and D Celtic Minor.

Pygmy scale was inspired by African tribes that use music as a source of connection with nature. Its minor mystical sound helps you get deeper into a particular state of mind and talk to your inner self. K. combined G Pygmy music with nature sounds – wind blowing through leaves, falling rain and ocean waves. It helped her to abstract away from the harsh reality and find courage to deal with mental problems.

She also found RAV Vast D Celtic Minor irreplaceable in meditation. It brings tranquillity without the feeling of melancholy – precisely what you need when dealing with exhaustion. After sessions with its ethereal sound, K. felt relaxed, her mind was cleared, and her body gained strength.

In about four weeks of practicing music therapy with RAV, K. felt uplifted, more self-aware and motivated to live her best life. Her well of energy was full again!

We believe that all our RAV drums will help you find harmony inside yourself. Depending on your proficiency level – easy, medium or advanced – pick the mood of your instrument and include playing it in your daily routine!

*We highly recommend consulting a doctor about your health condition and state of mind.

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