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RAV Moon

RAV Moon D Universal Scale

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If you are searching for versatility, you came up for the right scale. The drum’s name Universal Scale speaks for itself. Just like salted caramel, it combines 2 tastes in one, as you can play in both major and minor tonalities. By simply switching the root note, you can get a completely new melody as if you changed the instrument. The drum has a peaceful and balanced sound, therefore, it will be suitable for yoga and meditation. The scale can sound in both major and minor tonalities. 

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Notes: D3 F3 A3 C4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5
Proficiency Level: Medium; 
Mood: Balanced; 
Culture: European; 
Key: D; 
Weight: 8 lb / 3,6kg; 
Size: 15.3'' / 39cm; 
Height: 7''; 
Coating: Hydrophobic; 

New protection technology - hydrophobic coating!

Unlike paint, color is achieved by firing and can vary within acceptable limits, on one side there will be a slightly purple gradient and a gradient to blue, chameleon.

Each drum is unique, no two are alike!

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