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RAV Vast

RAV Vast Gold: D Celtic Minor | 432Hz

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Imagine the gentle, sonorous tones of the D Celtic, reminiscent of the melting icicles in a spring thaw, leading you on a tranquil journey through a hidden path to a mystical druid forest. Tuned in a minor scale, it produces an exceptionally soothing and relaxing sound. If you're in search of the perfect instrument for sound therapy, look no further than the D Celtic Minor RAV Vast. Its enchanting voice has the power to captivate and mesmerize anyone who listens.

The D Celtic is also an ideal choice for those embarking on their tongue drum journey. Its beginner-friendly nature allows you to effortlessly create beautiful melodies, while seasoned musicians will discover endless possibilities for composing soothing and enchanting tunes. With the D Celtic Minor RAV Vast, you can craft the perfect backdrop for meditation and create an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration. Dive into the world of the D Celtic and let its spellbinding melodies awaken your creativity.


Proficiency Level: Easy
Mood: Peaceful and calming
Culture: Celtic
Key: B
Weight: 14 lb
Size: 20''
Height: 7''
Coating: Hydrophobic

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