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RAV Vast - The world's very first and most beloved Tongue Handpan, perfect for free improvisation and spiritual exploration!

Among all drums and handpans, it is the only drum that has a large Ding with 7 tuned notes as well as 8 tongues in a circle with a complete harmony of 4-7 tones on each tongue.


Starting is a breeze, just a few minutes and you're on your way. The RAV Vast plays beautifully, even outdoors.

What is special about RAV Vast?

  • Embracing the whispers of nature, a dance of textures unfolds.
  • Lost in the enchanting veil of mystery, a mesmerizing journey begins.
  • The symphony of harmony resonates from the very first gentle caress.


21 RAV scales with leaves no one untouched, everyone will find a tuning to their taste. Specially selected notes in each scale make the process of improvisation and songwriting extremely interesting.

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Enjoy the option of 432 Hz for a more enchanting and soothing sound!

This pitch is called ‘the tune of the Earth’ because its vibrations are believed to coincide with the planet's. So if you play it your heart beats together with the heart of the planet - sounds amazing, right! Because of that, 432 scales are considered especially powerful and spiritual.

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Explore Double ding scales

This instruments has a special feature that allows you to switch between two different universes of sound: one major and one minor. It's like having two musical worlds at your fingertips!

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