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RAV Drum (RAV Vast) Steel Tongue Drums & Handpans

What is the RAV Vast?
The RAV Vast is a unique steel drum with the characteristics of a professional musical instrument.
It was designed by a professional engineer, who had tested hundreds of metal prototypes to provide you a steel tongue drum with inimitable sound quality and authentic design.
It’s your key to the world of music that will work for both professional musicians and those who never played any musical instrument before.
Is the RAV Vast a steel pan drum? No, it’s a steel tongue drum, which is relative to handpans/pan drums but is a distant musical instrument with its unique voice and specific technical parameters.
Are you a professional musician? A careful parent who wants to provide his child with a tool for education and development? Maybe you are a sound healer or practitioner who involves music? Or maybe you are just an enthusiast who has always been dreaming to play a musical instrument but didn’t want to spend a lifetime learning? We have a RAV Vast for all of you!

What is the difference between the RAV Vasts?
Okay, you see so many RAV Vasts available for sale in our online store. All our steel drums are tuned with different scales – i.e. they have different note layout so each of the drums has its own voice.
These note layouts are based on the most harmonious scales we picked in musical traditions from all over the world – from ancient Celts from Europe to African Pygmies and Middle-Eastern nations.
How to choose the best RAV for you? Use the filters on the left to choose the mood, the music key, and your proficiency level. Or simply tap the picture with the scale and you’ll find a detailed description and a video sample.
What if you are still not sure which drum to take? Listen to your heart! Which scale speaks out to you and resonates with you the most? You can also use our Virtual Player and try to play each of our drums online and find your favorite sound.
I’ve bought my RAV Vast. What’s next?
A good question though! What should you do after you buy your RAV Vast? Start learning to play your RAV drum before it arrives. Go to the Virtual Player page, choose your scale and try to play some simple patterns.
When shopping at RAV Vast you instantly get your personal RAV profile. Go to the Education section and you’ll see the lessons grouped according to your mastery level. We added a basic pre-start lesson where you can learn everything you need to know about your RAV Vast drum. By the time a delivery boy knocks your door, you will already have a few tips and techniques acquired by your side.
The RAV Vast is very durable and doesn’t require a lot of treatment. Just don’t forget to wipe it with a wet clean cloth and store it in a safe place. Check out more about how to take care of your RAV Vast here.
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