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RAV Moon

RAV Moon D Pygmy

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Get ready for a musical journey like no other with the D Pygmy scale of the RAV Moon! Picture yourself transported to the heart of Africa, tapping into the vibes of ancient Pygmy tribes and their shamanic rituals.

It's all about those deep, mystical tones that make you feel like you're part of something bigger. Whether you're jamming solo or bringing people together for a drum circle, this scale adds a touch of primal magic to your music.

So, dive in and let the rhythms take you on a wild ride through African culture and centuries-old traditions. It's like having a piece of history in your hands, ready to unleash your inner musical explorer!

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Notes: D3 G3 A3 A#3 D4 F4 G4 A4 C5; 
Proficiency Level: Medium; 
Mood: Mystical; 
Culture: African; 
Key: D; 
Weight: 8 lb / 3,6kg; 
Size: 15.3'' / 39cm; 
Height: 7''; 
Coating: Hydrophobic; 

New protection technology - hydrophobic coating!

Unlike paint, color is achieved by firing and can vary within acceptable limits, on one side there will be a slightly purple gradient and a gradient to blue, chameleon.

Each drum is unique, no two are alike!

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