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RAV Vast

RAV Vast C Blues Indigo

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The sound of C Blues has a mysterious and bewildering nature. As soon as you hear it your imagination goes wild and it makes you feel like Dale Cooper, from the famous series Twin Peaks, in an urgent need to find out the truth. Remember the series’ soundtrack by composer Angelo Badalamenti? That’s the mood that inspired us in creating this scale! This RAV creates an enigma in the air and makes your guts shiver with excitement and curiosity. The music created on this instrument brings in a certain dynamic – a feeling of tension, ambiguity and a great desire for revelation.

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Originally, blues was the music of sadness, sorrow and anger. It appeared in the rural south of America in the 1870s. Blues was characterised by work songs with call-and-response form of lyrics, folk low-down music and chants. The music was mostly vocal accompanied by any instrument that was available at hand or could be fashioned from available resources. Blues was popularised in the 1920-s with the rise of recording companies. The mood changed from melancholic to funky and groovy and the audience was no longer defined by one race background. The trance-like rhythm and appealing behavior of the performer became the distinctive feature of this genre. These performers gained popularity with their variations on 12-bar blues, along with other forms of traditional music. Later, thanks to blues, there appeared other timeless genres like country, rock’n’roll and R’n’B. Blues is now played with any imaginable instrument.

The C Blues RAV Vast is a scale based on the traditional blues gamma. The tongues of the steel drum are tuned in 3rd and 4th octave with the central Ding in C3. The instrument is a minor pentatonic with lowered 5th and 7th steps. It has five halftones that go on the right of the drum: F#4 at the top, D#4, A#4, F#4 and D#3 at the bottom. Due to the number of half steps and their peculiar placement C Blues can be tricky for beginner players.

For whom this scale will work

This scale will appeal to the musicians with medium proficiency level and with string instruments background. The drum will be of great use for composers and songwriters. Also C Blues will be interesting for experienced handpan tongue drum players who want to try a new style, something mysterious and puzzling. If you have an ear for the direction in which the sound is moving and know a bit of music theory, you will succeed in harmonically mixing the notes and tones. This scale will also be a good option for those who want to practice and master the skill of improvisation.

When given the right resources like time, space and a specially tuned instrument, musicians thrive, flourish and create unforgettable masterpieces. RAV Vast C Blues is a tool that can give a musician access to powerful new directions in music that couldn’t have been found otherwise.

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