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RAV Vast C Golden Gate

C3, E3, G3, B3, C4, D4, F#4, G4, B4
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Transcendental, dreamy scale.

Material: 2 mm steel
Coating: thin hydrophobic coating.
Weight: 5.9 kg
Size: 20'' (51 cm), height : 7'' (17 cm).
Colour: blue-green.
Mood: dreamy
Culture: Western
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Reviews and examples
The C Golden Gate scale provides you with positive and peaceful energy. On the other hand, the voice of this scale can seem to sound a bit nostalgic, pretty similar to A Marmara RAV Vast. However, A Marmara is a minor scale with a lower and slightly more melancholy sound, while the Golden Gate has a cheerful major one. So if you aim to buy a C Golden Gate rav, you should consider that fact.
The RAV Vast Golden Gate notes are tuned in the 3rd and 4th octave. This scale is relative to the Lydian scale, which is very popular in guitar music, containing similar notes (C-D-E-F#-G-A-B). It starts with the C Major and then goes into Lydian mode. The two B notes in the C Golden Gate scale add to the major sound. Thanks to the good positioning of the notes, The C Golden Gate has a lot of unique dyads and triads available on it that other scales can not offer. Thus, this scale has a lot of potential for songwriting.
Which RAV Vast scales work well with the C Golden Gate? There are two good pairs for the C Golden Gate in the RAV store. The first one is A Integral – it has similar meditative vibes like RAV Vast Golden Gate. These two drums will sound in harmony. The second drum that will create a lovely duet with the C Golden Gate is E Low Pygmy.
For whom this scale will work
The C Golden Gate is a wonderful scale as it will work well both for beginners and advanced players. It’s a great scale to learn and practice. The C Golden Gate has only one halftone (between F# and G4), so it’s pretty easy to handle. You can play this scale both with your fingers and the mallets if you use a light touch. The mallets can be found on our “Accessories” page. If you are dreaming of starting playing a handpan, the C Golden Gate can become a perfect stepping stone on your way to acquiring this skill.

This scale is perfect for improvisation because all the notes harmonically suit each other. Furthermore, it means that it is unnecessary to have music theory knowledge or even to know any particular pattern to start playing and creating melodies.
Do you like a “yogic” slow-mo playing technique? Bingo! Because the C Golden Gate scale was born to be played slow, hypnotic melodies! However, it also works well to play allegro.
With this scale, you’ll be able to create some specific energy and emotional feel. Suppose you are a yoga teacher or meditative practice mentor. In that case, you can enrich the atmosphere and, as a result, make a session unforgettable, accompanying it with playing the C Golden Gate RAV Vast. Your students will fill their energy tank and uplift their state of mind. Even if you are just an amateur, you will be able to reach the same effect.
Apart from the well-known yoga and meditation, the C Golden Gate scale can be used in different mind & body therapies, like floating therapy. This therapy is one of the most effective methods of profound relaxation that promotes pain relief, mental healing and better sleep.
Floating renews the body and mind. A person is placed into a special tank with warm and salted water, floating for an hour in complete silence. Only in these circumstances, free from irritators, the person reaches total relaxation. To enhance the effect, you can accompany floating sessions with C Golden Gate music. Tranquil and soothing melodies of the scale, together with the healing power of the water, can create miracles!
While waiting for your RAV Vast Golden Gate delivery, gain an unforgettable experience at our Sound Floating page.